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Reign of QS, Parts 1-3. Empty
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Reign of QS, Parts 1-3.

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Reign of QS, Parts 1-3. Empty Reign of QS, Parts 1-3.

Post  Greenify13 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:47 pm

Written by Sneaks

*As Queen Sneaks sits upon her throne contemplating who she will showcase the following day, she sees a messenger walking towards her with an anxious expression on his face. As he reaches her he holds out a scroll in his shaking hand. Queen Sneaks takes the scroll and unfurls it, wondering just what could be wrong. Her kingdom has been relatively quiet this week.*

*She reads aloud to her adviser, Greeny, who is sitting on her right.*

‘Dearest Queen Sneaks. We have reason to believe that a member, or members, of your Royal Court are in danger. There are rumors of vampire hunters in the area surrounding your castle and the village beyond. I urge you to keep your Court members close to home until we are able to confirm more solid information for you.’

*Queen Sneaks crumples the letter in her hand and turns to her Royal Adviser.*

“What am I supposed to do? We have our Royal Vampire Servant and his men, but I don’t know if they are enough.”

“I don’t think we have to worry on that account Your Majesty,” Greeny says. “I have seen those men in action and they do more than just protect our beloved Anna. Trust me, we’ll be fine with them. They will not let you down. But I think, just to be safe, we should have our other reinforcements ready. You know we can call upon the griffins, centaurs, chimeras, anything you need, and they will do your bidding.”

*Queen Sneaks rubs her eyes and sighs.*

“Yes, of course you’re right. I just hope it never comes to that.”

*She quickly scratches out a thank you and a request for more information as soon as possible, and then hands the scroll to the messenger. As she watches him flee the room quicker than he came in she says to Greeny, “Call Brandon and Pilot for me, please. Have them meet me in the war room. We need a plan.”

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Reign of QS, Parts 1-3. Empty Part 2 and 3...

Post  Greenify13 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:49 pm

TWO – written by Ambrosia
*Ambrosia climbs staircase after staircase, heading toward the top of the castle. She clenches the note tightly in her hand, hoping her father has forgiven her for leaving Rivendell to strike out on her own. She hopes he will love her enough to offer them the help her Queen has requested.*

*Finally she reaches the Royal Aviary, picks out her fastest bird, carefully ties the note to the bird's leg, and releases it into the air. She watches it circle, climbing higher and higher, then head off toward her homeland.*

Fly straight and true. Be quick. Be safe.

*Sighing, she turns and runs back down the stairs.*


THREE - written by Sneaks
*Inside the war room the situation is becoming more tense every second.*

“I told you no! I will not leave my castle. The danger is not to me, it is to my people!”

*The Royal Protector, Pilot, lays a consoling hand on the Queen’s shoulder.*

“And as I have told you, they will not stop at just ridding your castle and the village of the vampires, they will come after you as well for allowing them to remain here.”

*Queen Sneaks sneers at everyone surrounding her.*

“Do you think I cannot take care of myself? Do you think I have no way of protecting myself?”

“Your Majesty, if I may,” The Royal Vampire Servant says. “It is not a question of your ability. We all know how great your powers are and have no doubt that you can protect yourself should the need arise. But you must be smart about this. Their numbers are far greater than we expected them to be.”

*He points to the scroll sitting in front of him on the table.*

Anna suddenly says, “My Servant is right Your Majesty. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you because of this. I can take the others and go.”

“I think we can take care of this without the Queen or Anna needing to leave,” Greeny says quietly from the Queen’s right. “We have other reinforcements at our disposal. Not to mention our Queen’s abilities and my own. We are quite capable of handling the situation.”

*Both Brandon and Pilot open their mouths to protest but Queen Sneaks raises a hand for silence.*

“I will not leave my people behind and that’s that. Now, Brandon, are you sure that your men are ready?”

“Yes, your Majesty. They await your command.”

*The Queen turns towards the door as Tia joins the others in the war room.*

“I apologize for being late Your Majesty, but I was observing the goings on in the Great Hall.”

“I trust everything is ok.”

“Yes, all is well. We have notices up in the castle and village warning of the threat. Word has been sent to our special forces and we should hear from them shortly. And Arwen has sent word to her father, but she is not sure if he will be able to assist us.”

*Queen Sneaks nods her head and turns to Brandon.*

“I know there are a few more people in our Realm who posses powers, we need them here. I’ll give you a list of their names before we leave this room. I want you personally to go into the village and bring them to me. When the centaurs arrive they will guard the village for us.”

“I know what you’re thinking,” the Queen says quickly. “Anna will stay by my side the entire time.”

*She rubs her temples and closes her eyes.*

“You should rest for a bit My Queen,” Greeny says.

*Ignoring her Royal Adviser’s comment the Queen bends over the scroll in front of her and jots down the names for her Royal Vampire Servant.*

“Take this and go, you should take one of your men with you, but please, no more than that. Greeny, Tia, Pilot I need you to supervise the protection of the grounds. Anna, you’re coming with me.”

* Queen Sneaks starts towards the door when she hears someone clear their throat behind her.*

Pilot speaks softly but with force, “It is unsafe for you to be without me at the moment my Queen.”

Without turning around she says, “I will have Anna and Arwen with me, nothing is going to happen.”


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