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Reign of QS. Part 4-5 Empty
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Reign of QS. Part 4-5

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Reign of QS. Part 4-5 Empty Reign of QS. Part 4-5

Post  Greenify13 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:53 pm

Part 4: written by Sneaks

After assigning Lieutenant Scapegoat, Corporal Expendable, and Corporal Decoy to their posts around the castle and grounds, the Royal Vampire Servant and Private Badass head towards the village at a quick gallop.

“Sir, what do you think our chances are of making it out of this alive?” Private Badass asks.

“Very slim,” Brandon mumbles.

An hour later they are standing in the middle of the village as Brandon explains the situation and the Queen’s intentions. He looks up when he hears the sound of hundreds of hooves pounding through the dirt. An old, gray haired centaur stops before Brandon.

“We have spotted the Vampire Hunters. They will be here very soon. My men are already making preparations and standing guard,” the centaur says.

Brandon looks to Private Badass. “Escort these people to the castle, I’m staying here to assist the villagers.”

“But, sir, with all due respect, I think I should stay here.”

Brandon eyes his soldier before speaking.

“I need someone capable enough to fight if they are attacked on the way there Private.”

“Excuse me,” says the centaur. “We can send them along with centaurs. They are more than capable of protecting these leaders.”

“And you can spare enough for the job?”

The centaur nods and whistles a few notes. Four centaurs come galloping over to their leader.

“Escort these people up to the castle, Queen Sneaks needs them,” he says simply.

The centaurs follow their order and immediately surround the village leaders in a tight circle as they begin their journey to the castle. Brandon, Private Badass, and the centaur make their way to the edge of the village. In the distance they can see a group of men heading their way.

“It is time,” the centaur says quietly.

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Reign of QS. Part 4-5 Empty Pt. 5

Post  Greenify13 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:56 pm

Pt 5: Written by Ambrosia

She had felt the penetrating stare of the Jester this morning as she looked out the easterly window. She had ignored him until he had gotten bored and walked away looking for other mischief opportunities. She had sighed in relief, enjoyed the rest of her coffee, returned the cup to the kitchen, and went for a walk around the grounds.

This walk was just a way to wear off the excess energy, her muscles tight in worry for the townspeople she had sworn to protect, the Royals, her precious Queen... and foremost her prince. She surveyed what she could of the defenses, calculating here and there how best to use her talents to shore up problem areas, if nothing more than to give additional time for her father's response. She needed his help; surely he would not let his own daughter perish. But she knew his anger. Was his love greater still? Shaking her head she did the best she could to chase the gloom and fear away. It was useless to worry. It would change nothing in his response to her plea. He either would assist or he wouldn't. Best to plan without him and use help if it came.

She rounded a copse of trees, having wandered farther out in the forest than she had noticed during her distraction. She saw one of the men responsible for securing the area, asleep in the shade of an oak. Spending a minute to calm her anger, she thought of the appropriate response.

Searching the ground with her mind sight, she found her answer. Soundless she spoke the spell, calling the insects up from their rest, instructing them of their target, releasing the spell's force for the maximum number of insects possible. Soon the man was covered with a swarm of biting ants, angry at the intrusion of their home. He jumped up screaming, now wide awake but contorted into constantly changing odd angles in an attempt to get rid of his attackers.

He pleaded and she released another spell, the ants retreating back to their tunnels in the ground.

"There is an attack coming and it is soon. All vigilance must be maintained. Do your job. Your Queen's life, as well as the rest, depends on your service here today."

She turned and continued on her circuit, not waiting for a reply, not looking back. She would have to report this breech to the Queen. She hoped she had not overstepped her authority in dealing with him. She felt the furrow of her brow as soon as it was made. Where had her morning happiness fled?

Idiot. Happiness was never yours to keep. Stop dallying in dreams and realize today is likely the end of everything. You lose. The Queen loses. The Royals lose. We all lose... wait. Perhaps not all... my Love! If I can just convince him he needs to return immediately on his quest, though it is dangerous, he may yet be saved. His amulet can save him.

She turned toward the castle, racing against time.

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