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Reign of QS. Part 6-7 Empty
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Reign of QS. Part 6-7

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Reign of QS. Part 6-7 Empty Reign of QS. Part 6-7

Post  Greenify13 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:04 pm

Part 6: written by Sneaks

Tia runs into the Great Hall and quickly spots Queen Sneaks in conference with the village leaders the Royal Vampire Servant brought to the castle.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your Majesty but there is word from the griffins. They have spotted a group of men coming through a part of the forest that wasn’t guarded well and they are close to the castle.”

*Queen Sneaks’ heart skips a beat.*

“What do you mean it wasn’t guarded well?”

“I ask for forgiveness my Queen; Lieutenant Scapegoat was guarding the area and became lax in his duties.”

“Send someone to find Arwen, we need to know if her father is helping or not.” The Queen turns her attention back to the villagers. “You all know what to do and now we must be faster than I thought.”

“Yes, your Majesty, we are ready to assist you,” a villager says.

“Then go to your posts and please be safe. And remember, if you need immediate help, call for me.” The Queen taps her temple with her forefinger. “I will hear you and do everything I can to help you.”

“My Queen,” Anna says.

“No!” the Queen says before Anna can go on. “You are not going anywhere. If you leave my side it will only be worse. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you or the others.”

“My children and I are not my concern, you are,” Anna whispers.

“Anna, please, I don’t have time to discuss this right now. Come with me you two.”

*The Queen takes Anna’s hand and the three make their way through the crowd.*

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Reign of QS. Part 6-7 Empty Pt 7

Post  Greenify13 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:20 pm

Part 7: written by Greeny

Anna stays in the shadows of the hallway as Queen Sneaks, Tia, and Greeny walk out onto the castle walls with other court members to view the land. In the distance they see smoke billowing from homes and fields being destroyed by the enemy.Thinking on their mens' safety Tia looks down in shame for not being able to participate and assist.

A distance away from the castle, a shimmer of the suns rays reflected out of the woods. The light glared upon them and Tia winced from the intensity. While she was a fairy vampire, and a fairy first and could not die by the suns strength, its light caused headaches and pains in her eyes so that she could not think straight. Looking quickly away, she adjusted her sight and glared down upon the forest.

"What the devil?" Annoyed the Queen Sneaks asks. No one in the party knew for certain. While the court members knew the enemy would be scouting the castles exterior for a weakness or point of entry they had no idea why they would make themselves so obvious.

A group of men, some atop their steeds and others on foot, came out into the field. The last group pulled a cart behind them and brought it to the front of their company. One of the men on his steed raised his hands for everyone’s attention, and then motioned to the men with the cart. Swiftly they yanked back the cloth and dragged a man to his knees. The screams of the vampire echoed hauntingly to the top of the walls. As tears fell down Tia's cheeks trailing warm paths her anger and fury built beyond measure.

She cried out in wrath at such an outrage. The men in the fields paled and some backed away towards the woods. They had heard tales of a vampire who could walk the day, but laughed away the tale like everything else. While vampires could not fly and had stealth and strength, she was a fairy, and with the vehemence of a demon she backed away from her Queen and ran off the walkway, plummeting towards the grass below.

While some members of the court exclaimed at such a tragedy Queen Sneaks, Anna, and the Queens' personal adviser Greeny only waited for Tia's ascent towards the skies.

Some of the enemy and their mercenaries had ran terrorized into the forest, while others stayed. The leader swiftly relayed information to the men on the grounds, turned his steed and headed in a full gallop back towards the village. The remaining mercenaries holding tight to the aggrieved vampire, watched the skies as a man drew his sword and removed his head. As it thudded and rolled mercilessly on the dewy grass the body burst into rapid furious flames.

Tia descended from the sky with such speed that most could not flee into the dark woods before her furious
bloodshed. Only one man remained before Tia gained control of her anger.

Grabbing the man she broke his arm and dragged him to the castle to wait in the dungeons for interrogation.


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